Daily Auto News NHTSA Investigates GM's Finger-slicing Door Handles

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James Bond’s cars featured unique crime-fighting technology, like hub cap lasers and headlight machine guns. But none have ever come equipped with finger-slicing door handles. The 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon, however, may feature just that — only it’s not on purpose. In fact, they’re under investigation by the NHTSA for the problem.

Autoblog reports: “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has begun an engineering analysis (the step before a potential recall) at the SUVs’ door handles after 88 complaints of people cutting their hands on peeling metal plating.” It’s not clear whether owners or would-be criminals filed the complaints, but we’re guessing it’s the former.

“According to the complaints, ‘peeling’ of the metal plating on the interior door handles caused injuries from minor to ‘severe’ paper-cut-type cuts,” writes Automobile Magazine.

USA Today explains: “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it dug into the problem and found 90% of the complaints were coming from 2007 models, so last week NHTSA boosted it’s [sic] preliminary evaluation, begun last fall, to an engineering analysis of the 2007 models.”

If the NHTSA finds that the complaints have merit, it may issue a recall — which would affect roughly 400,000 vehicles. We’ll keep you posted on plans and details as the story develops.

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