VW hover car and LED Beetle – VW hover car and LED Beetle

VW hover car and LED Beetle – VW hover car and LED Beetle Volkswagen has revealed three new concepts in China, as part of its People’s Car Project
Three bold VW concepts have been revealed in China. They’re the result of the firm’s People’s Car Project website, which VW set up to ‘crowdsource’ ideas. VW went ahead with three ideas from arond 120,000 ideas that were submitted and voted for by 33 million site visitors. 

The first is a VW Beetle with bodywork covered in LED lights. It’s called the ‘Music Car’, and the colour of the LEDs change depending on the style of music playing on the stereo.
The second concept is the ‘Hover Car’. It doesn’t have any wheels and looks like a video arcade gaming pod – although VW claim it’s a car – and it hovers above the ground. It’s an electric vehicle that VW is using for research into electromagnetic road networks. The Hover Car can easily negotiate overcrowded roads, yet, according to VW, still offers design flair. 

‘Smart Key’ is the third development from the People’s Car Project. This uses a 9mm key with a high-resolution touchscreen to keep the driver up-to-date with their car’s fuel status, climate controls and vehicle security via a bird’s-eye perspective real-time satellite feed. 

VW claims that the People’s Car Project, which was initially scheduled to run for only a year, heralds a new interactive design dialogue focused upon design, customisation and connectivity. 

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